Scratch Card Game Hand to Hand Combat

This is something altogether unique from one of the top online gaming developers Microgaming. Combining the essence of scratch cards with the famous comparison game of rock paper scissors, this Hand to Hand Combat scratch card system allows players something a little different. The theme of this game is done up with some oriental accents, making the rather plain playing screen of this virtual scratch card to appear quite inviting.

Since the game involved is essentially rock paper scissors, players can practically pick up and play this game immediately, even if they aren’t familiar with the initial game because at the end of the day it is woefully simple to understand and there is a pay table on offer alongside the scratch card system in this Hand to Hand Combat game that shows players the exact combinations possible with the 3 tools. Overall this game is not overwhelming, providing players with a fun but rather simple game that may after a while get a little repetitive. That being said this game does offer some bonus multipliers alongside the wins, meaning that some of the total winnings that can be won could actually get quite high.

The Gameplay and Structure of the Game

A scratch card game is always a bit of a gamble as an online game for developers because the online platform allows for some insane diversity and offerings, so a rather simple game such as this may fall short of the players expectations when compared to what else is on offer. That being said there is definitely something great about an easy to play and understand betting game that is ultimately a bit of fun. With Hand to Hand Combat from Microgaming at this is pretty much the case as the gameplay and graphics have been simplified from some of their flashier slot games and other such online instalments, to maintain that straightforward gaming approach.

On the screen players will find the aforementioned pay table, displaying the fundaments of the game of rock paper scissors, so much as that rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts paper and paper covers rock. Once these basics are understood players can set their bet sizes and jump right in. Here the attention falls to the right hand side of the game screen, where there are 5 mini game scratch areas for the players to scratch away.

The scratching can be done manually with the mouse or through specific reveal buttons, either revealing all the results or per mini game. Beneath each of these scratch areas are the player’s random choice, the opposition’s choice and a bonus multiplier in the middle. If the player’s choice beats that of the opposition than the multiplier takes effect. So is the game of Hand to Hand Combat.

Online Versus Offline Scratch Card Games

At the end of the day when it comes down to it, games like Hand to Hand Combat and other scratch card variations are a good bit of fun, but considerably less so if the players have to travel around to specifically acquire the physical cards through which to try and win. That is to say, that an online version, with colours, sound effects and some form of general atmosphere, trumps the offline physical scratch card games most of the time.