All About Blackjack

Blackjack is probably the most popular of the table casino games in land based and online casinos.  Blackjack is a game with rules that are easy to follow and once understood players will have a better chance of winning against the house.  All online casino players know that playing online casino games is a great way to win some extra cash, but it is very important for them to understand the rules of the game as well as the objectives in order to be a successful online Blackjack player.

The Rules

By following a few simple rules New Zealand online casino players can soon master this popular game.  Blackjack can have between 1 and 7 players, this does not include the dealer.  Every player at the Blackjack table will play against the dealer and in order to win a player must have 21 or as close as possible to 21.  The term “bust” is used if the players hand is more than 21.  Understanding the value of the cards is also important and will help New Zealand players make good decisions.  The value of each card is the face value, cards 2 through to 10 and the King, Queen and Jack are worth 10.  The Ace is either worth 1 or 11 and depends on which value will constitute the better hand.

How to Play

The players are each dealt two face down cards and they are then allowed to either take more cards (hit) in order to have a better hand or they can keep their cards (stay).  The dealer will take more cards up until 16 after which the dealer will “stay” at 17.  If a player is dealt an Ace and a face card they will have Blackjack also known as natural.  For New Zealand players this is the ideal hand to be dealt and usually happens about every 20 hands.  If there is a tie the chips or cash belonging to that player is kept aside and this is known as “pushed”.

Splitting and Doubling

Players can also split pairs and this will occur if a player has two cards of the same value.  The player can choose to play these cards as two separate hands, this means that the second hand will have a separate bet.  If the player is dealt the cards of the same value they may split them again up to 3 or 5 times.  Splitting cannot be done with two Aces.

New Zealand players can place a double bet on their first two cards, this is known as doubling down.  When players choose this option they may only take one extra card for each bet.  The double down should only be used if the dealers hand is not looking good and will probably end up being a “bust”.  New Zealand real money Blackjack players will also come across the term “surrender” and this allows them to discard a hand if it is bad before taking another card.  Not many online casinos allow players to “surrender” and when players opt to do this they lose half of their bet.

Online casino Blackjack players may also opt for the insurance option if the dealer receives a face up Ace.  Players may use half of their bet as insurance in the event that the dealer gets 21.  This option is not advisable.

Playing Blackjack online is a popular casino game for New Zealand players and by following a few simple rules they should have a better chance of successful bets.